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Nanjing topgoing Engineering Technology Co. Ltd is a high techenterprise. The company's main business is to provide a solution for the policetraining, we have introduced the intelligent drone and mobile type bulletproofwall in domestic is in the leading position. The peak of the originalintention: that is standing on the top of the industry, to provide ourcustomers with top products, so that the training is more close to the real andeffective. Here is a vibrant young people, in this industry veteran of nearly10 years of time, has been for the gap between domestic and foreign policetraining system unwilling, an endless stream of products on the market, but noproducts can really come into our hearts. We established the company because weare familiar with the industry, so our product requirements higher, anyinnovative ideas from scratch, from the working principle and the structuraldesign, trial and error experiments and, improved again and again, to overthrowthe again and again.

Some people say that this is the artisan spirit, some people saythat this is a geek concept. But we have fun doing it, and we can only hopethat through our passion and adhere to change the tradition, let the customerfull of praise for our products. There is no limit of thinking, no innovationframe. As long as you take your geek spirit to join us, here is your dreamtake-off point.